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Bellil Conseils arranges mortgages and finance with banks in France for buyers (of any nationality and who can be located anywhere, worldwide) who require a new mortgage to purchase a French property, or who need to re-mortgage an existing French property.

We can act for non-resident clients referred to us by financial advisers or lawyers etc, as well as clients of French estate agents and other professionals involved in the French property market.

Working with partners who are specialised in real estate property financing for the French market, we are able to offer a wide range of financial products and solutions to respond to most needs and expectations.

Offering specific real estate services and mortgages to fit the needs of non-French nationals who want to buy property in France, our partners have the expertise to enable clients and homeowners in France to pay their mortgage via French bank accounts. With our partners, the process of exchanging Pounds Sterling (GPB) into Euros and transferring them to a French bank account can be automated to relieve our clients from a time consuming and expensive exercise and at the same time provide our clients with low transfer fees and competitive exchange rates.

With a multi-lingual team on hand to guide you through the process, Bellil Conseils is committed to providing you with the best service and products to finance your French venture.  We can also provide a full range of insurance products.

By clicking the « Contact Me » button, you can ask us to provide example quotations for your French mortgage / re-mortgage requirements. We will be pleased to assess your requirements with no obligation whatsoever on your part and your information will be dealt with in confidence.

Bellil Conseils – exceptional customer service assured.


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